Our latest projects

If you want to get a personal reference from one of our clients, we’ll happily refer you to an attorney or managing partner we’ve worked with.

We don’t share specific sites or campaigns we have worked on, because we don’t want your competitors to be able to advertise against you. What we can do is provide some general outlines of how some campaigns have worked, and then give you an idea of what that looks like in the real world.

$8,000 in added monthly organic search value

A personal injury firm approached us because they needed help with improving their organic searches, without spamming Google. We wrote content for 250 new pages, redesigned their website, improved their advertising funnel, and most importantly, helped people find them from smart searches.


Personal injury isn’t about just advertising personal injury firms. You need to advertise medication recalls, automotive recalls, medical device recalls, and more. We know how it’s done, and we know how to write it.

Our first client. (Our co-founder’s childhood friend.) $44,000 per year in added organic traffic.

Our founder Shane had known Jacob since they were kids. Out of law school, Jacob became a public defender, before deciding to join his father’s practice in criminal defense.


This was the beginning of it all. Jacob called Shane and said, “Our website sucks. We don’t get any traffic on it. Can you fix it?” Doing things the right way is a slow climb, but month number one, the site went from just 14 keywords, to over 200, adding $1,500 in organic monthly value, instantly. Over the next four years, slowly adding pages and blog posts yielded a successful organic inbound site.

Family law. It’s a tough nut to crack.

How do you advertise child custody, or a divorce? The trick is… you don’t. People don’t want to end up seeing advertisements for a divorce. It simply doesn’t work.


We know it’s more nuanced than that, so we create engineered pages that act as resources for questions: How does child custody work? Can I keep my car if it’s leased? Who gets the house? What happens if my ex-spouse moves across state lines? What are resources for counseling? How will my kids take it?


Our lone family law client is an attorney in Charlotte — a single mother, who changed her area of practice after she went through a divorce, and realized she needed to help other women. We helped her build out a website that found women who needed her assistance.

No, you shouldn’t spend $12,500 per month on ads if you’re a single person practice.

We took a phone call with an “old school” type of attorney. She told us what she wanted, and we recommended she start small. She didn’t like that idea. She went with someone else.


Two months later, she came back and said, “I spent $12,500 on ads and got a bunch of nothing. Maybe you were right.” She has now been with us for almost five years. That’s because we give you an ad budget that fits your practice. You’re not the same as another attorney. Every single lawyer has a different area of expertise, because every lawyer has tried different cases. We want to find you the clients that fit you, and that doesn’t include spending money blindly and hoping something works.